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From 15.07 to 15.09 2017 “Manufaktura”Art-Gallery presents the exhibition of Sergey Lutsenko “The Divergence of Reality”

"Manufaktura"Art Gallery  presents the exhibition "The Divergence of Reality" by a young but authoritative artist Sergey Lutsenko. In the exposition you will see new works by the painter, as well as a number of paintings of earlier performance that you love. Heroes, images and symbols in Sergey's paintings lead to reflections about the eternal life choice and seem to remind: it is always there. After all, it is up to us whether we remain human beings, having reached a certain status and position in society; We will dissolve in the rays of fleeting glory or continue to conquer new heights; Throwing a...

Since 10 February to 6 March 2017 AMD design club presents the exhibition of paintings Sergey Lutsenko “Art Fusion”

This exhibition-presentation is devoted to a new direction in art - fusion. Fusion is a style characterized by “combination of incompatible”, i.e. it unites absolutely different ideas from seemingly incompatible styles without losing wholesomeness and harmony. Painter shows a free synthesis of color and form. A smooth and subtle transition from something abstract and surreal into something realistic is the peculiarity of this style. A smooth and subtle transition from something abstract and surreal into something realistic is the peculiarity of this style. One of the biggest values of this style is freedom of coexistence of phantasmagoric objects along with objects properly drawn according...

Vasilenko Art Gallery ” presents the exhibition of painting of Sergey Lutsenko : “Creative Jornery”.

This is a summary exhibition by Sergey Lutsenko. It includes a vast number of his works which display the variety of his creative arsenal of the recent years. The exhibition unveils to the audience how the painter’s mood, outlooks, feelings, reality and the flight of his soul were influencing his paintings throughout different periods of time. The exhibition presents the works in the style of realism, as well as abstract art, fauvism etc., created using different techniques and genres. The artist does not stick to one particular style or genre – he tries to express his feelings and emotions in...

10 february
21 january
Gallery "Wunjo-Art" presents the exhibition of painting of Sergey Lutsenko: "Tribute to nature".
Gallery “Wunjo-Art” presents the exhibition of painting of Sergey Lutsenko: “Tribute to nature”.

An exhibition of Sergey Lutsenko’s paintings called “Tribute to nature” was held from 21 Jan to 10 Feb 2012 in the main hall of “Wunjo-Art” gallery (address: Kyiv, Heroiv Stalingrada Ave, 10 A, block 8).  It showcases about 30 oil paintings of the artist in the style of realism. Sergey Lutsenko introduces us to a wide range of his landscape paintings. The themes of the paintings of this young artist mainly cover the life of forests, rivers, ponds, depicting the beauty of local nature. The motifs of the displayed paintings are predominantly centered around the Crimean seashore, with its picturesque...


Sergey Lutsenko was born in 1988 in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. He has been painting since a long time. He works in different styles: realism, impressionism, abstract art, surrealism. His legacy includes more than 900 paintings. Many works of his belong to private collections in Ukraine and countries near and far abroad. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions, including his personal ones.




Sergey graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts with a Master’s Degree in interior and landscape design.

Solo exhibitions

2004 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibition "The world around us". Ukraine, Bila Tserkva
2012 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibition "Tribute to nature", Wunjo-Art Gallery. Ukraine, Kyiv
2016 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibution "Creative journey", Kavaleridze museum; Ukraine, Kyiv
2017 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibition "Art Fusion", AMD design club; Ukraine, Kyiv
2017 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibition "Divergence of Reality", Manufactura Art-Gallery. Ukraine, Kyiv


2011. Charity painting exhibition "Young Mother". Kyiv
2013 International Art Project " Vicious Circle Impressions " Exhibition "Confetti of happiness" Museum Getmanstva. Kyiv
2013 Exhibition "Spring Opening Day 2013", Art_Miks Gallery, Kyiv
2013 International Art Project "Charmed circle of impressions" Exhibition "Flight of flowers and birds", National Museum of Natural Sciences of Ukraine. Kyiv

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