Vasilenko Art Gallery ” presents the exhibition of painting of Sergey Lutsenko : “Creative Jornery”.

This is a summary exhibition by Sergey Lutsenko. It includes a vast number of his works which display the variety of his creative arsenal of the recent years. The exhibition unveils to the audience how the painter’s mood, outlooks, feelings, reality and the flight of his soul were influencing his paintings throughout different periods of time. The exhibition presents the works in the style of realism, as well as abstract art, fauvism etc., created using different techniques and genres. The artist does not stick to one particular style or genre – he tries to express his feelings and emotions in different ways by combining various techniques. During this exhibition he will present a wide range of paintings: from the expressive ones, intense and even aggressive in their aesthetics, where one can see the dynamics of strokes on canvas, spontaneity and striving for emotional power; to minimalistic ones and those which please the eye by their peaceful motifs.

This exhibition of Sergey’s works shows bold creative experiments and his continuous search for self-expression. Nowadays the artist is focused on creating bright palettes, striving for precision and sharpness of the stroke, intensive discovery of local colors and combination of contrastive chromatic plains, as well as on realism in his works.