Sound Effects of the Climax

oil on canvas 120x90cm
In a tragedy, it is mainly the demise of the main character that becomes the climax of the story. In a dramatic story, the climax is the point of the highest tension for the characters which dissipates once they survive some kind of a difficult situation. So what will be the climax in our case?
This is the climactic moment of the entire series of these fusion paintings. The situation has reached its pinnacle. The painting evokes excitement and awe. It looks exhaustive and a bit dramatic. What will happen once the masks are off? The artist expresses it with a very unusual technique, by recreating polygonal modeling of the waves as a build-up for something new, a beginning of a new story.

#fusion #realism #surrealism #abstract #seascape #waves #sunset #evening #piano #constellation #stars #polygons #SoundEffectsoftheClimax #SergeyLutsenko