Sergey Lutsenko was born in 1988 in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. He has been painting since a long time. He works in different styles: realism, impressionism, abstract art, surrealism. His legacy includes more than 900 paintings. Many works of his belong to private collections in Ukraine and countries near and far abroad. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions, including his personal ones.

Sergey Lutsenko

Sergey graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts with a Master’s Degree in interior and landscape design.


Solo exhibitions:

2004 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibition "The world around us". Ukraine, Bila Tserkva
2012 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibition "Tribute to nature", Wunjo-Art Gallery. Ukraine, Kyiv
2016 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibution "Creative journey", Kavaleridze museum; Ukraine, Kyiv
2017 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibition "Art Fusion", AMD design club; Ukraine, Kyiv
2017 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibition "Divergence of Reality", Manufactura Art-Gallery. Ukraine, Kyiv


2011. Charity painting exhibition "Young Mother". Kyiv
2013 International Art Project " Vicious Circle Impressions " Exhibition "Confetti of happiness" Museum Getmanstva. Kyiv
2013 Exhibition "Spring Opening Day 2013", Art_Miks Gallery, Kyiv
2013 International Art Project "Charmed circle of impressions" Exhibition "Flight of flowers and birds", National Museum of Natural Sciences of Ukraine. Kyiv
2013 Art Project "With Ukraine in the heart", Laurus Gallery. Kyiv
2013 Exhibition "Autumn Opening Day 2013". Kyiv
2014 Exhibition "Spring Palette" by "Vasilenko art group". Kyiv
2014 Exhibition "Spring Opening Day 2014", "Au Petit Bruxelles" Art Gallery. Kyiv
2014 Biker Festival "Race Space" Exhibition. Kyiv
2014 Exhibition "Autumn Opening Day 2014", Center of Innovations and Patent Information Services, Kyiv
2014 Charity exhibition of the "Portal", Ukrainian House. Kyiv
2014 Charity exhibition, Ukrainian House. Kyiv
2014 International Art Festival "Talent Energy Fest". The exhibition "Brightnames", Kiev fortress. Kyiv
2015 International Art Festival "Talent Energy Fest", Kavaleridze Museum (3 place in nomination "Abstract Art"). Kyiv
2016 All-Ukrainian exhibition-contest, Kavaleridze Museum (1 place in the nomination "Landscape") Kyiv
2017 Artbox.Project Basel 1.0, Basel Artweek, Zürich, Switzerland

2017 Charity painting exhibition, Queen Country Club, Kyiv

2012 International catalog "Visual Arts"