Gallery “Wunjo-Art” presents the exhibition of painting of Sergey Lutsenko: “Tribute to nature”.

An exhibition of Sergey Lutsenko’s paintings called “Tribute to nature” was held from 21 Jan to 10 Feb 2012 in the main hall of “Wunjo-Art” gallery (address: Kyiv, Heroiv Stalingrada Ave, 10 A, block 8).  It showcases about 30 oil paintings of the artist in the style of realism. Sergey Lutsenko introduces us to a wide range of his landscape paintings. The themes of the paintings of this young artist mainly cover the life of forests, rivers, ponds, depicting the beauty of local nature. The motifs of the displayed paintings are predominantly centered around the Crimean seashore, with its picturesque nooks and corners and the Alexandria Park, one of the most beautiful examples of landscape park compositions.

Sergey finds marvelous sites of nature, harmonically combining all or several elements like air, light, flora and water, to reflect them on canvas. He works in synergy with the surrounding nature, absorbing the finest expressions of its beauty. In many of his paintings, filled with vastness and serenity, “sunlight” becomes the main character. His sincere inspiration of a naturalistic painter allows Sergey to express not only the perceived harmony, but also his own admiration of it. The viewer not only feels it but also shares this immense feeling!